A Unique Perspective

as a parent and a VBCPS graduate

Let’s talk about
the Issues.

Working on what matters to students, parents and educators.

Teacher Retention

We need to create reasons for teachers to stay, and appeal to the next generation of educators.

Arts Support

A foundation in the arts prepares students for life beyond school.


The right tools can save valuable time for teachers, parents, staff, and students.

Media Literacy

Well-informed students are the next generation of leaders.


We can create safer spaces with proactive policies–for my children and yours.


Fostering understanding and enriching the educational experience for all.

Choose change.

VBCPS Graduate.

Daughter of a teacher.

“I’m a lifelong Virginia Beach resident. As a parent, I want all children in Virginia Beach to thrive in a safe, supportive learning environment. I’m eager to apply my skills and make positive changes in our school system. My career in marketing has given me the opportunity to partner with a variety of organizations at the local and national level, including tech startups, healthcare, government agencies, and education. A background in nonprofit gives me a unique perspective in serving the public, solving problems, and being a responsible steward of public funds.”

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We’re stronger together. Erika would love your help this election cycle! Together we will reach as many voters as possible in District 9.

We need your help


District 9 is a tough race. The incumbent has only had one opponent in 20+ years. Your contribution will help us get our message to voters. Erika is running a lean campaign with a lot of DIY/volunteer energy. It’s important to her that every dollar raised goes directly to awareness efforts like signage, advertising and marketing materials. Help us meet our fundraising goal!

Election Day

November 8, 2022 @ 6:00 am7:00 pm

Cast your ballot for Erika Guess in District 9! Identify your DISTRICT Locate your PRECINCT/Polling Place Update your Registration by October 17! Are you interested in handing out literature at […]

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Together we can do so much.

I look forward to serving the people of District 9 in Virginia Beach. VOTE on November 8!

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