Literature Drop

There are still thousands of voters in the district that we need to contact, and leaving literature on their doorstep is one of the best ways. We’ll get you set up with a targeted list of voters, and in just two hours you can help make a HUGE dent in that! Our priority is to “get out the vote” by informing registered voters of early voting locations and voting precinct changes.

What You’ll Do

  • Meet at a central location to receive a “walk list” of targeted addresses and a packet of campaign literature.
  • Walk in your designated District 9 neighborhood, delivering campaign literature to peoples’ doors (no need to knock or interact with voters if you’d prefer not to).
  • Each packet is about 40-60 addresses in a neighborhood, which may take an hour or two. (If you’re unable to complete your list, it’s no big deal–we’re grateful for all the help we can get!)
  • You can keep track of your list from a printout or a convenient mobile app called MiniVAN. (We can help you install the app.)
  • If you interact with anyone who would like a yard sign, or who would like to volunteer, make a note and we’ll sign them up!
  • If you encounter anyone who would like to have a follow-up conversation with Erika, they can reach out via social media or the website.
  • Feel free to share this info with a friend, and we’ll get them set up as well!

What You’ll Receive

  • A stylish campaign t-shirt (tell us your size on the volunteer form)
  • A list of 40-60 address (via a printout and a digital list on the MiniVAN app)
  • Overwhelming pride in being part of the political process
  • A decent workout (get those steps in!)

What You’ll Need

  • Comfy shoes
  • A fully-charged mobile phone with the MiniVAN app installed (sign in/create an account beforehand)
  • A positive attitude and a love for democracy

Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t knock or ring the bell if you don’t want to. Drop the lit and move on!
  • Don’t step on people’s grass if you can help it
  • Don’t worry if a home is inaccessible (gated community, dog in the yard, etc.). Make a note of the address and move on.
  • Don’t touch the mailbox–literature must be left at the door. Roll it and stuff it in the handle, or use a rubber band to secure it to the doorknob (please don’t slide it in the door jamb).
  • Do remind voters that their precinct may have changed, and they should scan the QR code to verify (or vote early and avoid the hassel)
  • Do make a note if anyone wants a yard sign
  • Do feel free to bring a friend
  • Do let us know if your time with the campaign is part of a volunteer requirement with your school or another organization

Early Voting Volunteer

Hand out Erika’s literature at early voting locations from now through November 5! You’ll receive a free t-shirt, and the satisfaction of knowing you helped your community.

    I look forward to serving the people of District 9 in Virginia Beach. VOTE on November 8!

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