015 Calvary Baptist4832 Haygood Road
017 Bayside Rec Center4500 First Court Road
018 Independence Middle School1370 Dunstan Lane
019 Bayside Church of Christ5025 Shell Road
020 Bayside Elementary5649 Bayside Road
037 Bayside Baptist Church1920 Pleasure House Road
038 Bayside Presbyterian1400 Ewell Road
039 Pembroke Elementary School4622 Jericho Road
040 Princess Anne High School4400 Virginia Beach Boulevard
059 Shelton Park Elementary1700 Shelton Road
086 Haygood United Methodist4713 Haygood Road
090 Morning Star Baptist 4780 First Court Road
101 Luxford Elementary4808 Haygood Road
102 Diamond Springs Elementary5225 Learning Circle

Early Voting Volunteers Needed:

I look forward to serving the people of District 9 in Virginia Beach. VOTE on November 8!

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